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Engages students of all levels by combining science with the popular subject of cooking

  • Integrates active learning activities , incorporates well-written demonstrations, in-class or take-home laboratories, clear learning objectives, interesting infographics to unify concepts around a food or dish, and chapter PowerPoint files

  • Comes with an in-depth companion website with over 30 guided inquiry activities and a series of food and cooking-based laboratories

  • Includes several introductory chapters on molecular structure, chemical bonding, cell theory, signaling, and biological molecule structure

  •  Covers cooking topics such as cheese-making, meat browning, salsa and hot sauces, and beer & wine.

Teaching Objectives

Biology and Chemistry Learning objectives and student outcomes for each chapter are listed here


 - Sample Syllabus 

 - Course Teaching and Learning Objectives 

Guided Inquiry Examples
(partial examples only - see your Wiley Rep for full access via

Investigate the active learning Guided Inquiry teaching activities found on the Wiley Companion Website.  We have a few examples here.  Teach your students to learn about tempering chocolate, baking bread, acid base cell theory, metabolism and the nature of molecules and chemical reactions.

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- Chocolate Properties

 - Bonding

 - Bread

 - Browning

 - Cells and Metabolism

 - Protein Folding

Cool Infographic Examples and Other Resources

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See examples of the colorful and insightful infographics to help integrate science, food and cooking

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 - Chocolate Chip Cookies Infographic

 - Hot Sauce and Guacamole Infographic

 - Sample Annotated Chapter 1 (Biology and Chemistry of Food)

 - Sample Annotated Chapter 5 (Cheese)

 - Sample Annotated Chapter 8 (Meat and Fish)